Tradition since 1878

The distillery craft has been inextricably linked with the Jenčík family for four generations. The first records date back to 1878, when the first Jenčík was born, who later decided to devote himself to this delicate work. As of today, it is has been a hundred years that we have been proudly carrying the legacy of our fathers and passing it on with love.

A craft with love

In the first generation, it was primarily the production of quality alcohol from natural raw materials. Later generations then added the production of distillates from plums and other kinds of home-grown fruit. The logical climax was the creation of original spirits, which the Jenčík family reached in the third generation. In 1991, after the regime change, the family business successfully started.

And what does the Jenčík family consider as the basis of its work? It’s the love for their craft.

Our priority is the production of beverages from high quality ingredients that bring a refined and original taste. We pay attention to the carefully adhered recipe, and even though today we are working with the latest technologies that increase accuracy, there is still a need for constant monitoring and hand contact.

Our approach

Quality & honesty

The basis of every honest craft begins with the selection of quality ingredients. Thanks to decades of experience and to the professional education of the Jenčíks obtained in different parts of the world, we can identify good and bad raw materials. Our desire to bring the best to our customers is strong. If we fail to get the best raw materials, we are willing to slow down or stop the production and wait until we produce the best for our bottles.

We honour traditions. Not only in the honest approach to recipes, production processes or taste tones; but also in the spirituality of our products. Thanks to this you can enjoy with us the same quality that our grandfathers met.

Original recipes

The Jenčík family did not excel only on account of the carefully selected and ingredients, but also for their own creativity, which helped them to create a number of unique recipes. Some practices and compositions go back to the distant past, yet the Jenčíks have committed themselves to their proper compliance to this day.

Small and gift series

Original custom gift set

We are a family business – our work is based on inner enthusiasm and love for the distillery. Thanks to manual work and small production series, we are able to create original custom products.

Create your own mini series

Would you like to please your loved ones, employees or business partners and give them an original gift? Do you have an idea or would like to help with the selection? Contact us. We will be happy to help you and transfer your ideas to a small, individualized or personalized liqueur series.

Custom production

Distillery craft has been our passion for over a hundred years and it is the rich experience and professional education that have given us enough skills to develop new, unique spirits. Of course there is also a strictly followed procedure during the production, a number of tests and careful thorough monitoring along with health safety.

We are also able to produce spirits under a different brand, help with the selection of glass, cardboard packaging and labels. Just contact us with your idea and we will take care of everything else.

For restaurants and bars

Quality spirits

Our priority is to bring original spirits of the highest quality to the market. Thanks to more than a hundred years of experience and family tradition, we have been able to create a set of unique liqueurs that even today, in the modern world, stand up to tough competition.

Cooperation set-up

We believe that people should be helpful to each other. For this reason, we are open to various supply models: physical collection from us, through contract wholesalers or delivery services. We are able to deliver more than 7 products in 1 litre bottles for gastronomic operations and, of course, all the others in the usual 0.5 or 0.7 litre packages.

As part of our cooperation, you will receive not only the agreed products, but also promotional materials and sales promotion items such as posters, coasters, foldable cards on tables and more.

For e-shops

Quality spirits

Our priority is to bring original spirits of the highest quality to the market. Thanks to more than a hundred years of experience and family tradition, we have been able to create a set of unique liqueurs that even today, in the modern world, stand up to tough competition.

As one of the few in the modern world, we pride ourselves on original recipes, Czech tradition and exceptional quality of classic spirits.

Cooperation set-up

As part of our cooperation we are able to offer a complete set of our products to our e-shops dealing with food, beverages and spirits, both in standard packages of 0.5 and 0.7 litres and special litres packages designed not only for gastro operations.

We will be happy to provide you with appropriate product photos and other marketing support. As an e-shop you also get wholesale prices.

For wholesalers

Be part of our business growth

Tradition, quality, originality, honesty and our honour are contained in every bottle that bears our name. We offer our collection of unique liqueurs and spirits with a clear conscience not only to our direct customers but also to wholesalers.

The ever-increasing demand leads us to find other ways to bring our products to the world and at the same time to start a new kind of interesting cooperation.

What do we offer?

As part of our established cooperation, we can offer you the appropriate wholesale prices, a complete set of product photos and other marketing support.

Why cooperate with Jenčík a dcery?

  • Distillery passed downs from father to son/daughter and roots in the 19th century
  • Unique products
  • Unique original recipes
  • Exceptionally high quality traditional spirits
Jenčík a dcery Potvrzuji, že mi již bylo 18 let.